How to Move Email from Apple Mail to Outlook with MBOX to PST Converter?

How To Move Email From Apple Mail To Outlook With MBOX To PST Converter?

How to Move Email from Apple Mail to Outlook with MBOX to PST Converter?

Move Emails from Apple Mail to Outlook

Nowadays, there are many users who are switching on Windows from Mac OS X. Both operating systems are diverse in nature. Working and execution process of both the operating system are completely different from each other. Moreover, both OS email client applications make use of different file format in order to store the mail database. The import export options also vary in many contexts that make users worried to migrate emails from one platform into another. There are some users of Apple Mail email client who are facing issues related to the implementation of how to move email from Apple Mail to Outlook.

Therefore, users are looking for ways for moving email from Apple Mail to Outlook in order to access MBOX files into PST format. So, in the following blog we will discuss a reliable and proficient solution to move emails from Apple Mail to Outlook with the help of commercial application.

Process to Move Email from Apple Mail to Outlook 

Step 1: Export Apple Mail mailboxes to MBOX file

You need to export the mailbox as MBOX files from Apple Mail application. Follow the below mentioned steps to implement the same:

Quickly open Apple Mail on the Mac OS X

Select the required mailbox to export

Now choose Mailbox >> Export Mailbox

Choose the folder or create a new folder

Click on Choose

Each mailbox is exported as separate MBOX file

Step 2: Execute MBOX to PST Conversion

Moving emails from Apple Mail to Outlook can be carry out manually but requires external application. Users can perform this process by utilizing a professional application like MBOX to PST Converter. The application is easy to operate and can be accessed on any Windows OS version. Now transfer exported MBOX files to Windows system and continue with the conversion.

Step 3: Import Apple Mail into Outlook 

After performing the conversion to PST format, it can be easily imported into Outlook 2010 or in any other version easily

Open Outlook 2010 and ensure that you save PST file in known location

Go to File >> Click on Open >> Click on Import >> Select Import from Other File >> Click Outlook Data File

Select the PST file providing the location and import it to Outlook

By following the above process, users can instantly import Apple Mail into Outlook 2010 or in any other edition using a reliable and powerful MBOX to PST Converter.


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